All Jewish Students Welcome

PHDS is an Orthodox Jewish Day School whose goal is to infuse students with a love of Torah and mitzvos. Our student population largely consists of students from the Providence and Sharon Orthodox communities. Families feel welcome in our school, where we teach students at their own level of observance in a warm and nurturing atmosphere.

We strive to instill high standards of middos, good citizenship, that will serve our students well – now and for the rest of their lives. This begins with the practice of derech eretz (proper respect) and continues with Torah values, including ethics, morality, and kindness.

Small classes

Half the class size = twice the attention

Most of our classes have under twelve students allowing for one on one attention and support geared to the speciļ¬c strengths and needs of every child. As a result, students master all subjects not to the class average, but to their own highest ability.

The teachers and administration are readily available to quickly address questions and concerns by email, phone or in person. We are especially proud to teach students with various educational needs and provide special resources in a timely manner.

Due to our small class size and a dedicated, experienced faculty it's no wonder our students do so well on standardized tests.

Parent involvement

The most important educator in your child's life is you.

We value and welcome parents as essential partners in their children's education.

As a PHDS parent, your role in your child's education goes far beyond our two parent-teacher conference nights each year.

Your child's teachers communicate with you frequently, consider you part of the “learning team,” and welcome your involvement.

As one parent put it: "The teachers are amazing in how they are willing to give up their time and breaks to talk to us about anything."

The PHDS administration to maintain open school-parent communication, to address the students' educational, social and religious needs, and to help the school improve and grow. Your involvement, ideas, comments, questions, and volunteer efforts are always welcome.

Many school parents, alumni, or community members serve on the executive committee, education committee, budget and finance committee, personnel committee, fundraising committee, and the PTF. These and many other committees allow parents and community members to share their expertise and to assist the school.