Early Childhood

children playing

A Great Place To Start!

Since a child’s earliest school experiences can shape his or her life for years to come, we strive to make Early Childhood education at PHDS a nurturing experience that develops children’s basic language and numeric skills, self-esteem, love of learning, and appreciation of our Jewish heritage and Torah way of life.

Our Early Childhood classrooms are large and well decorated, with plenty of space for creative learning centers. Each is equipped with its own bathroom facilities.

Teacher-student ratios are high.

Teachers are creative, have earned Education degrees and pursue ongoing professional growth. And because teachers' work environment matches the high quality of students' learning environment, turnover is practically nonexistent.

In addition to a quality physical environment, we strive for a warm, loving, positive environment for learning – one which focuses on each child's social, emotional, cognitive and physical development; educates each child according to his or her own unique qualities and abilities; and encourages children to learn through their own experiences, using developmentally appropriate activities to develop their skills (with enrichment and remediation as needed).