Elementary (K-8)

students getting off bus

An Excellent Education isn't just Academic

At Providence Hebrew Day School, we believe that education is a process that begins with developing healthy self-esteem.

But it shouldn't end there. If that's all a PHDS education did, we'd be leaving half our job undone.

Our students' parents trust us to give their children not only a superior academic education, but one steeped in the beauty of Judaism. So we teach our children to appreciate and practice kindness, caring, sharing, compassion, and other timeless Jewish values that will enable them to mature into productive young adults. Our experiential learning provides more than opportunities for creativity in class projects, school-wide special programs and excursions; it lets students integrate life experiences into their curriculum – and what they've learned from our secular and Judaic curriculum into their lives.

We value the opportunity we've been given to foster intellectual curiosity and good Middos (character traits) in our students, and to develop in each of them a love of learning and Judaism that will last far beyond their days at Providence Hebrew Day School.