All Jewish students welcome

PHDS is an Orthodox Jewish Day School whose goal is to infuse students with a love of Torah and mitzvos. Our student population largely consists of students from the Providence and Sharon Orthodox communities. Families new to Orthodox Jewish life feel welcome in our nonjudgmental school, where we teach students at their own level of observance in a warm and nurturing atmosphere.

We strive to instill high standards of middos, good citizenship, that will serve our students well – now and for the rest of their lives. This begins with the practice of derech eretz (proper respect) and continues with Torah values, including ethics, morality, and kindness.

Half the class size = twice the attention

With eight to 15 students, PHDS classes average half the size of those in public schools.

Our high teacher-student ratio makes each child feel special in a program geared to the specific strengths and needs of every child. As a result, students master all subjects not to the class average, but to their own highest ability.

The teachers and administration are readily available to quickly address questions and concerns by email or phone or in person. We are especially proud to teach students with various educational needs and provide special resources in a timely manner.

Providence Hebrew Day School students learn much more than Hebrew.

The PHDS Judaic Studies program focuses on text-based learning as well as Hebrew language, and we have found that these skills improve students’ learning in other areas as well.

Educational researchers have discovered that when children learn a second language from an early age, they do markedly better in mathematics. The same research found that studying Torah develops enhanced critical thinking and analytic skills.

Put that together with our small class size and a dedicated, experienced faculty (80% of whom have more than 10 years' classroom experience), and it's no wonder our students do so well on standardized tests.

The biggest testimony to our success is the placement of our graduates as honors students in the yeshivos and high schools of their choice.

The most important educator in your child's life is you.

We value and welcome parents as essential partners in their children's education.

As a PHDS parent, your role in your child's education goes far beyond our two parent-teacher conference nights each year.

Your child's teachers communicate with you frequently, consider you part of the “learning team,” and welcome your involvement.

As one parent put it: "The teachers are amazing in how they are willing to give up their time and breaks to talk to us about anything."

Our Parent Teacher Friends presidium, comprising six parents and community leaders, works with the PHDS administration to maintain open school-parent communication, to address the students' educational, social and religious needs, and to help the school improve and grow. Your involvement, ideas, comments, questions and volunteer efforts are always welcome.

A lifetime of excellence in education

Since 1946, Providence Hebrew Day School has focused on helping each child develop in a warm, nurturing environment that synthesizes Torah with General Studies. Our aim is to provide a comprehensive program of excellence in traditional Jewish and contemporary General Studies education that prepares students for high school and for life. We embrace the idea that each child is unique, and we respond to each student's individual needs and strengths.

  • Providence Hebrew Day School was founded in 1946. Our school started with a handful of students almost 75 years ago on Waterman Street in Providence. PHDS now offers a comprehensive program in all subject areas, including Technology, Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Judaic Studies, and Hebrew Language
  • Providence Hebrew Day School is an educational institution of the highest caliber. It's accredited by the Rhode Island Department of Education and the Bureau of Jewish Education of Rhode Island and is an affiliated agency of the Jewish Alliance of Rhode Island and Torah Umesorah, the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools.
  • Our faculty is dedicated to lifelong learning. In addition to years of teaching experience, all of our teachers at PHDS have educational degrees and are involved in school in-service training geared to keeping them abreast of the latest educational trends. Many of our teachers have earned Masters or other postgraduate degrees. PHDS staff is encouraged to continue its professional development, and the school provides such learning opportunities throughout the year.
  • At PHDS, educating our students using cutting-edge technology is a priority. Many of our classrooms are equipped with Smart Boards (electronic whiteboards). This interactive teaching tool engages our students in active learning. As the school moved to distance learning this past year, each student received a Chromebook with access to Zoom and Google Classroom.
  • At PHDS, every student gets the attention he/she deserves. We strive to maintain small classes (8-15 students) in order to ensure that every child receives the attention he or she needs. With classes averaging half the size of those in public schools, the teachers are aware of each student’s strengths and weaknesses, and they modify programs, through both resource and enrichment, to enable all students to reach their potential. In addition, our small classes give each child more individual time with teachers.
  • Enrichment is part of our ongoing program. PHDS offers a comprehensive program of physical education, art, science, and computers. Extracurricular activities include homework labs, drama productions, science and other academic fairs, spelling bees and Siyumei Mishnayos.
  • Our main goals in Judaic Studies are to inspire our students to love and revere G-d; to study Torah and be motivated to follow its laws, customs and traditions; to strive for the highest standards of moral and ethical behavior; and to be sensitive to the needs of Jews and non-Jews in America and throughout the world. We also provide our students with active programming that promotes fulfilling the mitzvos and a love and appreciation of Israel, the Land, and its people.
  • Providence Hebrew Day School’s goals include offering our students the finest and most effective General Studies program, using the most modern research and progressive techniques available. Our students are taught to integrate their pride and knowledge as Jews with their full participation in the modern society in which they live.


Providence Hebrew Day School is located in the center of the East Side of Providence. PHDS is at the forefront of education in our community, providing over 50 years of education to the local residents of Rhode Island. Our graduates achieve the highest standards of excellence and attend prestigious yeshivos and yeshivah high schools across the United States. Rabbis and educators in all these schools enthuse about the high academic standard of preparedness in Torah and General Studies, their middos (refined character), and their sense of responsibility for the community. This sense of responsibility is based on the active volunteerism that our students see. Many of our families and parents are involved as board members in the local shuls, yeshivah, kollel, Jewish Alliance of RI, mikveh, Nshei Chesed, chevra kadisha, and more. It is not uncommon to see members of our extended family getting together to make phone calls on Super Sunday or volunteering at many Federation events. Our students visit the sick, perform in local nursing homes, and perform at local Alliance events, thereby gaining admiration and appreciation for the rich diversity of Jewish life.

The school serves as a Jewish Educational Center for the youth and adults of our community. We host Congregation Shaarei Tefillah, Providence Community Kollel, and Project Shoresh, creating an environment that promotes Jewish Education, Outreach, and limud haTorah from early in the morning until close to midnight on a daily basis.

Our school also hosts Ahava catering, a local caterer under the supervision of Rhode Island Kosher. The school facilities and our party hall are available for any and all of your functions by contacting Rabbi Scheinerman at the school on 401-331-5327 #21.

Many school parents, alumni, or community members serve on the executive committee, education committee, budget and finance committee, personnel committee, fundraising committee, and the PTF. These and many other committees allow parents and community members to share their expertise and to assist the school. Please feel free to contact the school with any questions you may have.