Please click a banner below to be taken to a Kosher Wine website where you can place your order.

  • Our vendors are the biggest and most respected online kosher wine retailers anywhere. They offer the largest selection of kosher wines in the nation. They are committed to making kosher wine shopping easier for everybody, with a huge selection of wines at the lowest prices.
  • Massachusetts residents must have the wine shipped to the school. Your name can be listed as the recipient, but you must put the shipping address as 450 Elmgrove Avenue, Providence, RI 02906. Your wine will be delivered to your door by a PHDS volunteer.
  • Anyone who shops online can use the links to our vendors on our website and help support the school. Please tell all of your friends and family who buy kosher wine that this is a "costs no money, takes no time" way to help support PHDS.
  • One of our vendors,, now offers FREE SHIPPING on every case of 12 bottles. This is a $24 savings!!! This is not a promotion. The company has simply changed its philosophy. So if you thought the great prices weren’t really so great due to shipping... now they’re really great!