2018 Annual Scholarship Raffle

Dear Friend,

Providence Hebrew Day School has a seventy-year record of accomplishment in enriching the lives of its students through excellent education and individualized attention. The Executive Committee and the dedicated Administration of the school are committed to continuously strengthening the academic program and broadening our community outreach and financial support.

Over the past several years, our enrollment has remained stable, with 155 students enrolled for the 2017–2018 academic year. In addition to educating our local students, our high-school division, New England Academy of Torah, has developed a reputation as a premier boarding school with students from New England, the tristate area, and even as far away as Canada.

Our partnership with the Jewish Alliance of Rhode Island and the local synagogues is testament to our goal of communal involvement and responsibility. Our campus, which, in addition to our elementary and high-school divisions, is also home to Congregation Sha’arei Tefllah and to The Providence Community Kollel, is a hub of activity, including educational and social programming seven days per week, from early morning to late evening.

Providing a quality education is costly, and the school remains committed to its long-standing policy that all Jewish children are entitled to a Jewish education regardless of financial circumstances. Our Scholarship Fund provides significant financial aid to many needy families, and it is your partnership and support of the school’s scholarship fund that allows us to provide this much-needed support.

We appeal to you, our friends and supporters, asking you to please purchase raffle tickets and support the school’s scholarship fund. Please remember that your support of Jewish education is equivalent to the support of Jewish survival. We thank you in advance for your assistance.