Donor Designated Funds Aside from direct donations to the school or the scholarship fund, the school encourages donors to consider contributingting funds to any of the Donor Designated Funds listed below. The purpose of Donor Designated funds is to allow donors to target their contributions to areas of personal interest. TO MAKE A DONATION TO ANY OF THE FUNDS LISTED BELOW PLEASE CLICK ON THE DONATE NOW BUTTON DISPLYED ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THIS PAGE. Scholarship Fund – A donation to the Scholarship Fund offers financially needy families with the funds to attend the school PERFORMING ARTS GRANT OPPORTUNITIES Name the NEAT Production for a given year in honor of or in memory of someone $5,000 PHDS Chanukah Extravaganza – Name the event in honor or in memory of a friend $2500.00 NEAT Production Scenery - $1000 NEAT Production Costumes $1,000 NEAT Production Sound and Lighting - $1000 Purchase new sound equipment - $1,000 Special Student activities $1,000 per activity Endow the annual PHDS Character development program $5,000 TECHNOLOGY GRANT OPPORTUNITIES Purchase and install a Smart Board $10,000 Train a teacher on the Use of a Smart Board - $1,000 Purchase a Video Conference unit - $12,000 Purchase Video Conference Content $300 per event Purchase a teacher Laptop $1000 Purchase a classroom computer $750 Purchase Software for Classroom or Computer Lab use - $500 Endow School video shown at our annual Amudim dinner - $5,000 Endow School Website – Dedication listed on Home Page $25,000 Endow a page on the Website with listing $5,000 Annual Site maintenance $10,000 MEMORIAL FUND DONATION Have a PHDS Rabbi say Kaddish three times daily for one year $500 Have a Rabbi say Kaddish Perpetually on the annual Yahtzeit - $360 Memorial Plaque in the main Sanctuary - $500 Dedicate a day of Torah learning $360 Send a memorial card $36 RESOURCE CENTER Full time Guidance Counselor $65,000 Part Time Guidance Counselor $32,500 Counseling for individual Student - $5,000 Educational Resource Specialist $65,000 Educational Resource Specialist P/T $32,500 Educational Resource for one student - $5,000 Purchase of Resource materials - $5,000 EARLY CHILDHOOD PLAYGROUND Refurbish and renovate Playground with new2 equipment - $200,000 Replace Sand and Wood chips with Protective Rubber $25,000 Replace Benches $5,000 Annual Playground Maintenance - $2,000 SCHOOL SECURITY Install additional Security Cameras - $1000 (7 needed) Install Electronic Lock and Fob controller on door $2,500 (5 doors needed) Annual staff security training - $1,000 Security Personnel for school event - $500 WILLS AND ENDOWMENTS Please contact Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman, Dean for a full range of building dedications, charitable gift annuities, Wills and Endowment Legacy opportunities. We offer free consultation with legal and/or accounting specialists on methods of maximizing your charitable tax saving opportunities. For additional information please contact: Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman at 401-331-5327 #21 Or by email at [email protected]