Your child's education isn't confined to the classroom


Life isn't confined to the classroom. So at PHDS, your child's learning extends not only to specialized school facilities, but to the playing fields of Brown University, the community, and the world.

  • In our Library, open throughout school hours, students and staff can enrich classroom learning.
  • Our Computer Labis equipped with new computers and printers for every student, and there are computers in most classrooms. From Kindergarten on, students learn to master computer skills and use them throughout their schoolwork.
  • In our Art Studio, students in all grades learn still-life pencil art, shading, and watercolor, acrylic and oil pastel painting. The curriculum exposes students to the styles of major artists and the influences and forces which shaped them. Drawing on their own experience, the children then create their own interpretations of those artists' techniques. We integrate art instruction with Social Studies (particularly history), math and science lessons, and holidays and holiday seasons.
  • Students use lab tables, microscopes, Bunsen burners and other equipment to conduct experiments in our fully equipped Science Laboratory.
  • From Pre-K through 8th Grade, all children take two 30-45-minute Physical Educationclasses a week. At the Jewish Community Center's indoor facilities and at Brown University's outdoor facilities, they play are softball, kickball, soccer, football, dodgeball, and volleyball. The program emphasizes inclusive sportsmanship skills, responsibility and leadership rather than winning and losing.
  • Since all learning begins with proper respect (Derech Eretz), moral behavior and proper values are integral parts of our curriculum. From rising when an adult enters the room to visiting the elderly in local nursing homes to raising money for worthy causes to other acts of charity and concern for others, we emphasize developing good character. Our Judaic and General Studies teachers model, recognize and reward good character traits (Middos). Students from Grade 3 up write entries in the Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation's annual international Great Middos writing contest, and several have had their entries chosen for publication in a national Jewish newspaper. Every five years, students throughout the school participate in Project Derech, a text-based program that focuses on the Biblical laws of respect that students show to adults and to each other in their speech and behavior.
  • Since so many PHDS students routinely score in the top 25% or higher on standardized tests, and gifted students take part in the Johns Hopkins Talent Search.
  • Assemblies celebrate the special flavor of Jewish and secular holidays.
    Each class presents at least one assembly each year.
  • Every spring, our Academic Fair celebrates General Studies, Jewish Studies, and integrated secular/Judaic student projects in successive years.
  • Students in all grades take field trips to such places as Phantom Farms, Roger Williams Zoo, Sturbridge Village, Providence Performing Arts, Biomes Marine Center, and Whale Watch.
  • With middle-school students as officers, our Student Council organizes activities including Chesed (kindness) projects and fun programs throughout the school year.
  • Extracurricular Activities include the School Band, Drama Club, Art Club, Choir, Science Fair, Torah Fair, and Chess Club.