Preparation for a lifetime of learning

Our Pre-K curriculum emphasizes language skills in both English and Hebrew (and educational researchers have discovered that learning a second language at an early age helps students do markedly better in math). The children also start learning about and celebrating Shabbos, holidays, customs, our American heritage, good deeds (Mitzvos) and good character traits (Midos).

General studies:

  • Language Skills – Our Pre-K children are exposed to letter and sound recognition.
  • Math – Students begin their mathematics school experiences with number recognition, basic patterning, and number sense through the use of manipulatives.
  • Science – Children explore their five senses through hands-on activities.They also study classification skills, plants, and the world around them.
  • Social Studies – Children complete projects and activities that develop a sense of school and community.
  • Art – We coordinate artwork with social studies (particularly history), math, and science lessons and other parts of our curriculum.

Judaic Studies:

  • Hebrew – Three-year-olds are introduced to the Alef-Bais in a general way, and their preliminary instruction continues in the four-year-old program.
  • Chumash (The Five Books of Moses) – Through songs, story, projects and role playing, children study the Torah Portion of the Week (Parshas Hashavua).
  • Holidays (Chagim) and Laws (Dinim) – Felt boards, role-playing, projects, songs, books, and discussion give children a special way to appreciate our Jewish holidays
  • Rosh Chodesh – Students celebrate the beginning of each new month with a project and a treat.
  • Shabbos – Weekly Friday Shabbos parties – with candle lighting, Kiddush recitation and special treats – end each school week on a high note.
  • Jewish Values – Because proper respect (Derech Eretz) is the foundation of all learning, proper values and moral behavior are integral parts of everything we teach. Our teachers tell stories of our great Sages and Rabbis to emphasize developing good character traits (Midos) and values. Early childhood lessons include units on such acts of kindness (Chesed) as welcoming guests (Hachnasas Orchim) and visiting the sick (Bikur Cholim). Children give charity (Tzedakah) each day after morning prayers (Tefillos) and are encouraged to bring in Mitzvah notes specifying good deeds they did at home, for reading, displaying and celebrating in the classrooms each day.