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Mrs. Sheehan Closing Address

Dear Parents and Friends, Last Sunday, I experienced the most incredible evening as the Amudim Awardee. From the alumni reception to the general reception to the amazing dinner and festivities, it was so apparent the amount of work that went into this night. To say that I was overwhelmed is an understatement!

When I received my award, my original plan was to express my hakaras hatov to so many people. Unfortunately, by that time I was somewhat an emotional mess!! I then needed to express my love for the school and the community as well. I would like to now thank so many people who have made my thirty-three years such a labor of love. Hopefully, I will not omit anyone.

To Rabbi Scheinerman and the Board: I thank you for your support and guidance. The Amudim Dinner was the ultimate culmination of my thirty-three years at PHDS/NEAT.
To Mrs. Schochet: I thank you for the privilege of working with you, hopefully guiding the wonderful young women with whom we work. Also, thank you for the incredible scrapbook that you created with the girls; perhaps someday I will be able to read it without tears in my eyes!
To Mrs. Weiner: I thank you for our many years as a “team.” It is good that we both have a sense of humor!!
To the Amudim Committee, chaired by Mrs. Scheinerman, and the committee members, Mrs. Golden, Mrs. Jakubowicz, Mrs. Lipson, Mrs. Szendro, Mrs. Taitelbaum and Mrs. Yudkowsky: Thank you for all that you did in preparation for the outstanding celebration on Sunday. It was a night that I will never forget. My family and friends were so impressed with the magnificent room; it was hard to believe it is the shul, auditorium, gym, lunchroom, etc.!!!!
To Mrs. Nathanson: Thank you for the wonderful journal; it is amazing!
To the Faculty and Office Staff: Thank you for making my job so easy! Your professionalism, dedication to the children and school, and camaraderie provided me with all that I needed to have a school of which I am so proud.
To the PHDS and NEAT Parents: Thank you for being an integral part of the “team,” working to ensure successful academic students and fine boys/young men and girls/young women.
To the Students of PHDS: Thank you for the many years that I was privileged to be your principal.
To the Students of NEAT: Thank you for just being “you.” I have taught you, nagged you, encouraged you, disciplined you, but most importantly, I have loved you.
As I leave this school that I love so much, I shall never forget all of you; thank you.

Mrs. Maureen Sheehan

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