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February 10 Deans letter

Dear Parents, This has been a week-and-a-half of tremendous pride for me as I had the opportunity to attend the first grade siddur party, middle school Exchange City interviews, and final NEAT Mock Trial of the season, against Moses Brown. All of these programs showed me the true colors of our school, which promotes excellence in education using the most modern strategies and ideas to build student confidence, independence and relevance.

At the Yom Hasiddur this Wednesday, one could see the pride of our students as they sang songs and read Chumash selections with their newfound reading and translating skills. Upon entering the Exchange City in-school interviews and assembly, one could feel the excitement of the students in the air. Dressed in appropriate attire, the students prepared to be interviewed for jobs in Exchange City. These activities were just one segment of a program that will culminate in a visit to Exchange City, where students will run the city for an entire day. The Rhode Island Mock Trial Association allows students, under the direction of a legal coach, to compete against other schools. The students have the opportunity to make legal presentations as lawyers and witnesses, while displaying court etiquette and court presence. The NEAT Mock Trial team has always been a strong competitor in these trials, but over the years there have been teams that have been almost unbeatable. This past Monday, the NEAT prosecution team put on a stellar performance as they triumphed over the undefeated Moses Brown team. Our girls shone in their performance, which included brilliant opening and closing legal statements, expert witness testimony, high level cross examination skills and so much more.

Speaking of NEAT, my wife and I are busy preparing for a stimulating Shabbaton at the home of Rabbi Ben Zion Klatzko in Monsey, NY. Rabbi Klatzko is an inspirational speaker who has been running full Shabbatonim in his home every weekend for a number of years, and his lectures and Shabbatonim for a broad range of audiences are in high demand.

You, the parents of the school, help us to provide these quality programs through your support of PTF and the many other fundraisers of the school. Please encourage your friends and family to support the Prize is Right; take advantage of the early-bird discount by clicking on We also encourage you to share this link with your friends and family, asking them to support the school. Many of the extracurricular programs mentioned above are implemented as a direct result of your support.

As you are aware, at this year’s Amudim Dinner, we are paying tribute to Mrs. Sheehan upon her retirement from the school. If are able to assist us with data collection from alumni, please contact me as soon as possible.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman, Dean

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