A Message from Rabbi Menachem Weissmann, Menahel / Head of School (10/20/23)

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Dear Parents,

As the flood waters recede, Noach waits, waits, and waits some more. Finally, after many months, the waters have finally receded, and Noach and his family are permitted to leave the Teivah, the Ark.

This is puzzling. The waters from the flood towered fifteen amos above Mt. Ararat. For the waters to recede in the period of six months or even six years requires a massive miracle. Why did Hashem make Noach wait so long if it was going to take a miracle either way?

Rav Shimon Schwab zt”l explains that this teaches us an attitude to have while awaiting help from Above. While we are anxiously awaiting salvation regarding a crisis, Hashem was arranging a methodical, step-by-step plan to assure that we are saved in a smooth, appropriate, and calculated manner. As we say in Ashrei, “and You give them their bread in its time.” "In its time" means in the time that is proper and appropriate. Indeed, Noach responded appropriately. He was a “miyachel”—he awaited salvation from Hashem, waiting and waiting and waiting, knowing all the while that Hashem had not abandoned him and indeed will not ever abandon him—he just needed to wait and continue trusting in Him.

As we daven for solutions to the many challenges in our lives, from our daily struggles with our children to the more global challenges of the war in Eretz Yisroel and our concerns for Acheinu Bais Yisroel, we must remember that we must follow the passuk of “kavey el Hashem, chazak v’ametz libecha, v’kavey el Hashem,” to daven, daven, daven, and not give up, knowing that Hashem is working behind the scenes to take care of His children completely, from the smallest concerns to the largest worries.

Have a great Shabbos,
Rabbi Menachem Z. Weissmann
Menahel/Head of School