Dean's Letter Yisro

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Dear Parents,

This week is Parshas Yisro, the week of Aseres Hadibros, in which Hashem gives us the most precious gift and partnership – to be Hashem’s “mamleches Kohanim vegoy kodosh – an exalted, uplifted holy nation.”

It is easy to get into a daily schedule of learning, attending school, davening, and studying the core curriculum presented to students. The challenge is the manner in which we respond when we are on our own. When a child is on bein hazmanim, home from yeshivah, and you see him davening or learning in the kollel during the day – he has clearly assimilated the value of Torah and mitzvos in a meaningful manner. Obviously, bein hazmanim must also give bochurim a breather from the intense yeshivah schedule.

While school and structure are crucial, the true character of our students is shown on a day when there is snow – and thus no formal school – and we witness a full house at the various volunteer learning opportunities. As someone who taught one of those classes, I was overjoyed to see the level of participation of our student body, including Zoom participation when in-person learning was not doable. It is heartwarming to see that partnership between the home and school and the shared values that we inculcate in our children. We are showing Hashem that we are truly a “mamleches Kohanim vegoy kodosh.

This week on Monday and Tuesday we will join again in a different partnership to ensure that school can provide scholarships to needy families and that we achieve our financial goals. I especially thank the Yudkowsky, Taitelbaum, and Cline families, who have taken on a leadership role in solicitation, as well as others who have chosen to make meaningful anonymous gifts.

As in past years, please be aware that:

  1. All solicitations for this campaign count 100% toward your family fundraising obligation.
  2. As an incentive for your efforts, we will be issuing Stop and Shop gift cards at a value of 3% of your solicitations (personal gifts are not entitled to the 3%). Minimum gift card is $5.00 or a solicitation of close to $175.
  3. Personal gifts of $100 will be entered into our grand prize drawing for a prize of $3,000. A $180 donation will increase the grand prize to $5,000.
  4. The campaign website is open for pre-solicitations and then we will go live Monday at noon. Every gift to the campaign is being matched, so a $100 gift is equal to $200.
  5. I have many tools and ideas to help you in your solicitation efforts, including a sample solicitation letter that you can use in your email.
  6. To sign up for your personal fundraising page please click on or go to the campaign website at and click on “Become a Fundraiser.” You will receive a personalized campaign page to send out to family and friends.
  7. If you need solicitation lists, please contact the campaign chairperson, Mrs. Mindy Schachter, at [email protected].

When soliciting people, please explain that the campaign site allows for recurring or monthly payment schedules. This allows you to solicit a larger gift. To receive entries into the raffle, your gift must be paid in full before the drawing.

Please join us on Tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. for a brief Zoom celebration.

Zoom Celebration Meeting
Meeting ID: 837 306 3210
Passcode: 6130

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions over the course of the campaign. We look forward to a successful campaign. Thank you in advance for your participation and help.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman