Dean's Letter Ki Sisa

Rabbi Gidon Goldberg's picture

Dear Parents,

Although I was not there personally, I can feel the vibrations of simchah from all of the local and school Purim events.

This week I had the opportunity to spend Purim in Lakewood, NJ, fundraising on behalf of the school. It is amazing to see a makom Torah that continues to grow in leaps and bounds (I can tell from the traffic!). It is also astounding how much money is donated to the various tzedokos over Purim, including our school.

This week is also a trying week, as the realities of coronavirus set in, with closed schools, empty airports, and people quarantined all over. We at the school are proud to be following the protocols assigned by the State of Rhode Island and our local frum physicians as a guideline for our school, and have also asked our cleaning company to do a more through disinfecting job with bleach. We wish a speedy recovery to all those suffering from the virus and hope to continue to keep our community and school safe.

Purim marks a time when the hand of Hashem is crystal clear, a sign to each one of us that Hashem is openly present in our daily lives, and the coronavirus is just a small example of how a virus can affect global markets and bring countries to their knees. We are mispallel for a speedy end to the virus and for the safety of our community and to all families nationwide affected by the virus.

I am sure that as Hashem looks down at our own Mikdosh Me’at and sees all our students learning, and the many shiurim and the tremendous amount of tzedokoh being given, He will grant the merit of good health to us and our families.

Purim is a time of giving and we look forward to next week, when we will gather together for our PLEDJE match fundraiser to raise needed funds to update our educational program and the security of our campus.

I am extremely thankful to all the parents who have signed up to volunteer or set up personal fundraising pages to benefit the school. We are asking all families that have not yet signed up to please do so and to establish their own personal fundraising page.

For additional information on the fundraiser, please see the enclosed PLEDJE update.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman