Parshas Shemos

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Dear Parents,

This week the school had the rare opportunity to welcome the Governor, Mrs. Gina Raimondo. Please look for additional information in the school newsletter. Special thanks to Mrs. Stephanie Hague of the Jewish Alliance of RI for arranging the visit.

This week was the first staff development training program for teachers on “Love and Logic.” This video training is taught by Mrs. Becky Udman, a religious principal from Dallas, who has trained and then adapted the program techniques in a manner that reflects a day-school hashkofoh. She reviewed self-regulation and other techniques that help us avoid discipline issues in our classes. This workshop was part one of an extensive staff development program for PHDS. Feedback from teachers was great.

Over the past few months I have begun to highlight some of the “Love and Logic” techniques for parents. This week we focus on build grit and resilience in our children. Enjoy!

Perseverance is the key to building grit. There is no doubt that kids who develop it will lead happier and more productive lives than those who don’t. Listed below are a few “grit builders” with corresponding “grit stealers.”

Teaching perseverance isn’t complicated. It requires a willingness to allow kids to experience healthy challenges as they grow. It also requires that we let them see that they have what it takes to cope with life’s challenges.

These strategies are true and tested techniques for us to employ with our children on a daily basis.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman