Dean's Letter Terumah

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Dear Parents,


Chodesh Tov! First, let me say thank you to our tireless and devoted parents, volunteers, and friends, who helped make last year’s PLEDJE building campaign a tremendous success. You took upon yourselves extra responsibilities despite your already busy schedules; your commitment to the school is unequaled. Because of your dedication, the new building design turned out beautiful – blessing us with an attractive and inviting learning environment – and efficient, helping us to make significant energy savings every month.

Now the school has turned its sight inward; the focus of this year’s campaign is securing our educational future and the security of our campus.

The campaign will be held on Monday, March 16 through Tuesday, March 17 when we will launch the 2020 campaign, giving you, our parents and friends, the opportunity to focus on your children’s education and safety at the school. In a year that has unfortunately brought terrorism in Jewish schools and agencies close to home, we too must make sure that our school is safe and secure.

We have set a goal to raise an additional $55,000 on top of our power donors, who have already pledged or contributed an additional $55,000. Every single dollar raised in reaching this goal will be allocated to upgrading education and security.


Education: We plan to refine our Judaic and General Studies curricula school-wide, install SMART Boards in classrooms to enhance the curriculum, and provide staff developmental training to establish these new standards. We will also expand the successful Mashgiach program to include a Mechaneches.

Security: We plan to install security bollards in front of the building, make all new windows on the first floor shatterproof and the security vestibule window bulletproof, install panic buttons in every office, and enable all cameras to be directly controlled by the local police if ever needed. The school intercom system will be expanded to include evacuation drill and lock down that will broadcast to newly installed speakers in all offices, hallways, and bathrooms.

The success of every campaign is dependent on the dedication of our parents and local volunteers. Mrs. Rachel Lewin has agreed to coordinate the campaign, and will be assisted by Mrs. Mindy Schachter, who in turn will advise and support Ms. Avigayil Rauch, the headquarters chairperson. My sincere thanks go to all of them.

How can you help?

  • Sign up to make calls. Please register and sign up to volunteer at
  • Use this link to set up your own fundraising page with a personal goal. If every family undertakes to raise or donate a minimum of $1,000, we will be successful.
  • Reach out to family and friends. Ask them to help support a small local Torah day school with limited resources.
  • Market the campaign. Use email, personalized letters, or any other publicity method you are comfortable with.

Please spread the word! The success of any crowd fundraising initiative is dependent on publicizing the campaign.

As you will notice in the enclosed flyer, exciting and valuable prizes are being raffled based on your level of support. In addition, every dollar donated or solicited by you will offer you a 100% credit toward your family fundraising obligation; hours spent making calls are counted toward your Give n’ Get.

I would like to end this letter by thanking you once more. Fundraising, although exceptionally rewarding, is hard and tiring work. Please know that we deeply appreciate your dedication and loyalty.

If you have any questions regarding the campaign, feel free to email me at [email protected].

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman