Parshas Shemini

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Dear Parents,

I want to thank all our friends and donors in Lakewood, NJ, who made this year’s Purim Campaign successful.

I also want to thank the PHDS parents and friends who attended our Divine Providence Auction, as well as to those who purchased or who solicited the purchase of auction tickets this year. The ticket sales made the event a great success and raised a substantial amount of money for the school.

We would like to give special thanks and recognition to the following people who ensured the success of the event.

1. Thanks to Mrs. Rachel Lewin for chairing this year’s auction.
2. Thanks to Mrs. Beth Abrahim & Family for chairing the day-of event. Thanks to Mrs. Amanda Pompili for assisting with décor.
3. Thanks to Mrs. Chana Faiga Twersky for managing the website and all related technical issues.
4. Thanks to Mrs. Miriam Karp for chairing the ticket management and order fulfillment. 
5. Thanks to Mr. Arthur Robbins for event sponsorship, and to our leading salespeople Mrs. Saara Moskowitz, Mrs. Elianna King, and Mrs. Sarah Genson.
6. Thanks to Mrs. Tzippy Scheinerman and Mrs. Dina Zimmerman for soliciting prizes from various vendors.

Although I was not personally present, I heard from many people of the tremendous simcha and Purim spirit that was evident at the various community festivities and seudos.

Purim is a time of giving. We all participate in the Machatzis Hashekel – half shekel -- to show that each of us alone constitutes only a half, and that no Jew is complete without caring for his friend who might be less fortunate. We as a community have so much to be proud of in our Tzedaka and Chessed. This is evidenced by so much good that is accomplished in the community in the help, goods, and services that are shared by so many. There is a tremendous partnership between the Rabbonim, Menahalim, lay leadership, parents, and friends who work together to enhance our community. It is this partnership and community spirit that will usher in Pesach and the ultimate geulah redemption from this long and arduous exile.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman