Parshas Nasso

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Dear Parents,

As the last week of school approaches, many thoughts come to mind that I want to share. This past weekend, on Motzei Shabbos, we welcomed the Yom Tov of Shavuos. One of our customs on Shavuos is to stay up at night and to study Torah. At PHDS, we joined together as a community with Shaarei Tefilla, the Providence Community Kollel, and Project Shoresh, all of which are tenants and also partners in the work of Providence Hebrew Day School. Our building became a hub of activity, with various shiurim and classes meeting the needs of a wide span of audiences, from children in fifth grade to elderly men and women. At 11:00 the next morning, more special classes were given for women and children. Many of the men in our community are also alumni of the Yeshiva, which serves on Shavuos as another oasis of Torah for all our families. The Yom Tov was an inspiring and uplifting experience for the men, women, and children of our community. A special Yeyasher Kochachem to all the local rabbonim for enhancing our Yom Tov.

The end-of-the-year parties, such as the siyyumim of ATM locally and of Masmid Govoha in Waterbury, CT, all highlighted our students’ accomplishments in learning, both in and out of school. While PHDS does not have mandatory learning on Sundays, the school is always filled with the voice of student learning. It is for this reason, and so many more, that I thank our dedicated staff: our rabbeim, moros, and teachers, as well as my administrative colleagues, Mrs. Miriam Esther Weiner and Rabbi Aaron Lapin, who all go above and beyond the call of duty for our students. Our dedicated lay leaders, under the direction of Mr. Pinny Berlin, are always busy looking at strategies and methods to improve both the financial stability and educational program of the school. Several surveys have been completed this year, and the results collated and then evaluated in numerous committee meetings. This partnership of parents, teachers, and administration is sure to have a long-lasting impact on the school.

This week will also go down in the annals of RI history, as the over-70-year-old Sargent Avenue facility is being partially renovated to incorporate a design that improves efficiency, meets the new fire codes, and will improve classrooms on the Sargent Avenue side of the building. None of this could have taken place without the hard work of our building committee chair people; Mr. Frank Halper, Mr. Shammai Weiner, Mr. Reuven Schloss, and Mr. David Schaeffer, who is overseeing the day-to-day construction. While we thank the various committees, we must also thank our parents and many donors who stepped up in support of this important project through our highly successful Pledje fundraiser earlier this year.

As I enter my 17th year of service to PHDS, I am tremendously blessed to be a part of a community that is focused on educational excellence in all areas of both Torah and general studies. I often continue to marvel at the many hats that so many parents wear in their community service. There could be no better way to be mechanech our children than through their witnessing the caring dedication of their parents and teachers.
I look forward to greeting you all at the Amudim dinner on Sunday, and extend our best wishes for an enjoyable summer vacation!

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman