Parshas Bamidbar

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Dear Parents,

This past week we read the parsha of Bechukosai, which begins with the posuk “Im bechukosai teleichu – If you will listen to My statutes.” Rashi immediately comments, “You shall delve deeply in the study of Torah.” The Chofetz Chaim Al HaTorah explains this posuk with the following parable: Imagine if a king contracted with a tailor to custom-make the clothing for his child’s wedding. He reminds him of the date of the wedding and the final fitting date and tells him to spare no expense in using the most expensive fabric, as is suitable for the king. The tailor works hard but on the day of the fitting he realizes that he has cut the suit pants of the groom too short. He apologizes but reminds the king that he has spent thousands of dollars on fabric and will need to be reimbursed. The king obviously reminds him that he is lucky to be alive, as he has ruined the entire wedding for his son!

The Chofetz Chaim explains that in the world of business, people are paid for results and only results. In the world of Torah we receive a reward for every word of Torah that is learned. As I look at the school and the various siyumim and Torah celebrations that I attend, I note the depth and high level of Torah that is studied at the school. I have attended many bar mitzvahs where boys make siyumim on entire sedorim of Mishna or even Shisha Sidrei Mishna, all six tractates of Mishna, and a variety of other Torah programs, such as our in-school celebrations, Likras Shabbos, Sunday learning at school and the Motzoei Shabbos Live at the Yeshiva. On a nightly basis I am amazed at the number of middle-school boys who are learning in the Kollel. The high level of learning can also be evidenced by the level of yeshiva high school acceptances of our students. In NEAT we find a similar correlation of excellence based on the varied and high-level seminaries that our students attend.

I am not foolish to believe that this is all based on the school’s efforts; it is clearly a partnership between the home, school, shul, and yeshiva. This week I was invited to attend a siyum of Seder Moed by a fifth grader, as well as Rabbi Yudkowsky’s annual ATM siyum, which marks the culmina-tion of a year of Mishna study. While siyumim are common in many schools, the level of prepa-ration by all our teachers and their desire to teach Torah in the most creative manner are unparalleled. The daily boys’ minyan, first-grade siddur party, middle-school shabbatonim, Chanukah perfor-mances, and holiday celebrations all increase student motivation and instill a passion in the hearts and minds of our students.

As we join together on the holiday of Shavuos – Zeman Matan Toraseinu – I congratulate and commend the staff and administration for their diligent efforts on our students’ behalf. Best wishes to our entire parent body for a spiritually uplifting Yom Tov.

Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman