Parshas Korach

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Dear Parents,
In this past week’s parshah of Shlach, Moshe sends the leaders of Bnei Yisroel as spies to reconnoiter the land. The Nesivos Sholom asks why he sent the leaders rather than actual spies?

The Nesivos Sholom answers that Moshe wanted to send spies to check out the spiritual aspects of the land. The Meraglim, however, erred in their decision to spy on the materialistic aspects of the land, as they felt that Hashem’s hanhogoh and protection only applied in the midbor, but upon entering Eretz Yisroel they would be on their own. Their lack of total emu-nah in Hashem resulted in a catastrophic failure.

Moshe, however, understood that the culture and evil influences they would face were real. His goal was for the Meraglim to come up with a solution and plan that would address the culture shock the Jews would face coming from a sheltered life in the midbor. When the Jews were exiled to Mitzrayim, a land steeped in immorality Bnei Yisroel had fallen to the forty-ninth level of impurity. Yet we are told that although they had sunk so low they remained strong by keeping their Jewish names and clothing and were sheltered from immorality.

What gave the Jews the strength to fight off the evils of Mitzrayim and to remain strong in these areas? The Nesivos Sholom comments that Hashem understood the future challenges that His children, the exiled Jews living in the culture of Mitzrayim, would face. Hashem sent Soroh Imeinu, and then Yosef, down to Mitzrayim, where both faced major tests but passed with flying colors. The Nesivos Sholom explains that, facing the test of their lives, they did not succumb to the Egyptian pressures of immorality, and in so doing, formed a shield that would later protect Klal Yisroel when living in Mitzrayim.

In the year 2018, we live in a society whose values are contrary to those of the Torah, but vi-sionaries in Providence established a school whose walls protect us and our children. The ad-ministration and staff at PHDS/NEAT show tremendous care for every aspect of growth in the spiritual, academic, social, and emotional realms.

We wish a special mazel tov to the NEAT and PHDS graduates. May Hashem bless each one of you with tremendous success in all your future endeavors.

This Sunday we join together at the Amudim dinner to pay tribute to worthy honorees and to celebrate together an amazing school year. At the dinner I will describe the many activities that have taken place over the school year. Wishing all of our staff, parents, teachers, and friends an enjoyable summer vacation.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman