Parshas Shemini

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Dear Parents,

We would like to welcome everyone back from the Yom Tov break. Over the course of Yom Tov, Ms. Pereira notified me on numerous occasions that the school was the hub of activity over Chol Hamoed, with children of all ages learning in school. She said, “It felt just like school.” I also heard from students and parents about our students’ high level of preparedness for their sedorim and Yom Tov meals. As I will now report on a variety of security up-grades, I am proud that there could be no better security than that of the zechus of limud haTorah by the adults, children, and rabbonim who sponsor and teach our children. I thank all of the local rabbonim and the rosh yeshiva for enhancing the Yom Tov experience for our students and families.

The school has an ongoing relationship with the Providence police and the Department of Homeland Security, as well as a special relationship with the Jewish Alliance of Rhode Island.

The Alliance, in partnership with the local shuls and schools, takes the responsibility of keeping our agencies safe and secure very seriously. Earlier this year they trained our staff in special security measures and there will be further instruction for school ad-ministration later this month. The Alliance also arranged for a walkthrough with the police earlier this year to identify areas that would enhance security, and we most recently received a partial matching grant of over $20,000 from the Alliance to institute these changes.

I am proud to announce that the school has expanded its video surveillance system to include cameras in the offices, hallways, blacktop, early childhood play-ground, and Elmgrove Avenue that can be monitored by the police in the event of any emergency and are also monitored in the office and by the administration.

All doors and the windows in the lunchroom have been outfitted with a clear shatterproof liner, which makes breaking and entering much more difficult. We have also installed a fob on the rear door entering the Sargent Avenue facility from the play-ground. This allows the door to remain locked and closed at all times. Authorized users have access during recess, which ad-dresses the fact that this specific door was often left propped open.

Over the summer we will be placing a few concrete barriers near the front entryway to prevent any-one from using a vehicle to cause harm. We will also be electronically mechanizing the rear black-top gates so the gates will be in the locked position at all times but will still allow for secure parking on Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim.

We realize and respect that boruch Hashem we live in a safe neighborhood, where no threats have been reported. At the same time the school constantly monitors these alerts with the help of the Alliance, and has instituted the advice of the local authorities’ security evaluation and continues to strengthen its security to protect the school and deter anyone from targeting it in any manner – as the saying goes: “Better safe than sorry.”

We are pleased to share the news of this enhanced security and offer our tremendous thanks to the Alli-ance for their partnership in these efforts. Please send a note or email thanking the Alliance for their efforts to the attention of Wendy Joering at [email protected].

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman,