Deans Letter January 23

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Dear Parents,

Over the past five years, the school has benefited greatly from the Scholarship Tax Credit Law (SGO), as it has been a lifeline of support for our annual budget. We are extremely thankful to the firm of Rosenstein, Halper and Maselli for their solicitation efforts that have ensured the school’s success in this program. The challenge of the SGO, however, is that there is a growing number of nonprofit organizations that are seeking to access the 1.5 million dollars that are available; obtaining funds from the SGO is dependent on an annual raffle that determines the proceeds that benefit each organization.

Expanded school choice has become a top priority for day schools across the country. As the representative of Agudath Israel of America, Rabbi Avraham Motzen has become an expert in the area of school choice and has helped many states to create bills that have been presented to legislators with great success. The advantage of a school choice system is that it offers consistent vouchers for families to use to pay their tuition, which benefits both the school and the parents. On Thursday, January 29, the school will join with many other private and faith-based schools in the area to celebrate school choice at the State House. Our students will be manning the PHDS booth, and a number of high school girls will be serving as ambassadors at the event. Our school band will be performing at 3:45pm. Rabbi A.D. Motzen of Agudath Israel of America, otherwise known as the “School Choice Rabbi,” will be the keynote guest speaker at a legislative meeting at the State House event, and this address will be followed by a special school choice lecture for parents at 5:00pm. Since school choice very much affects the future of the school and our parent body, we will be offering a free babysitting and activity program to allow all parents to join us at the State House at least for the 5:00 meeting. Please let Mrs. Weiner know that you will be using this babysitting service by noon on Sunday.

As you are aware, the school has a variety of fundraisers that are each integral to the budget of the school. The school has always prided itself in providing financial aid to any family in need. Currently, over 70% of our family population receives substantial financial aid, leaving the school with the need to raise a significant amount of money on an annual basis. Recently, we completed our scholarship raffle, and due to all of your efforts, we were able to achieve our goal.

The next major fundraiser is the annual Prize Is Right Auction, which will be held at the Providence Marriott Hotel on Sunday, March 8. The committee has been hard at work in preparing a tremendous selection of updated prizes, such as a trip to Israel, the most modern IPad, IPod and Kindle tablet and much more. Please look out for the prize selection book, which should arrive at the end of this month. We look forward to your participation in the early bird discounts. We thank you for your help and anticipate an amazing event.

We thank all of our parents and donors for your generous support of our fundraising events and look forward to your Prize is Right purchases and solicitations. We look forward to greeting you at the State House event and at the Providence Marriott Hotel.

Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman

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