Deans Letter february 20

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Dear Parents,

Parshas Teruma speaks of the call for the Jewish people to participate in the building of the Mishkan. The parsha describes that Klal Yisrael responded with an open hand. The gifts were so great that the nesiim, who had waited to donate whatever remained after everyone else had contributed, were left with nothing to give. We are known as a giving and caring people. This week, we joined Rabbi Yechezkel Yudkowsky at his home, where he was sitting shiva for the loss of his mother. Upon visiting, Rabbi Yudkowsky stated that he was inspired by the outpouring of communal support for him and his family, which included visits to Baltimore, phone calls and offers of assistance. He remarked that often he, and people in general, rationalize that they won’t be missed if they don’t call or visit a shiva home. However, now on the receiving end, he realized how meaningful and comforting the communal support really was to him.

This week, I also learned of the passing of Mrs. Gloria Spivack, a”h, wife of Mr. Herb Spivack, a”h. Mr. and Mrs. Spivack sent their children to our school many years ago but never forgot the education that PHDS provided, and they became significant supporters of the school. Over the years, I developed a close relationship with Mr. and Mrs. Spivack, a”h; their care for others, their love of Shabbos, and the smiles they always wore on their faces will be forever remembered. The family has asked that contributions in Mrs. Spivack’s memory be made to the school. We extend condolences to her children, Mrs. Elaine Katz, and her husband, Daniel, of South Orange, NJ, and Mr. Robert Spivack and his wife, Rachel, of Gilroy, CA, and to her extended family.

May both families be comforted among the mourners of Zion and Jerusalem. The Yudkowsky family and the Spivack family are both role models for the message of Parshas Teruma, always rising to the challenge in support of our school in so many different ways.

With snow and subzero temperatures (with the wind chill factor) continuously in the forecast, the costs of operating the school during this winter season have been quite high. Daily plowing and salting, removal of snow from the roof and higher utility bills have made the winter quite challenging. As preparation for our Prize is Right event is in full swing, we turn to our friends and families and ask you to take advantage of the early bird discount by ordering auction tickets online soon. We also request of you to email friends with the graphic link and encourage them to join you in supporting the school. Of course, anyone who increases the number of tickets that they purchase will be assisting the school with the high expenses that this winter has brought. Thank you in advance for all of your support.

I would like to hail and praise the NEAT production team for their hundreds of hours of practice and hard work. I ask all women and girls to please attend the production and support the entire cast. Mazel tov to the NEAT Mock Trial team on their victory over Mount Hope High School. This win should confirm the NEAT team a spot in the playoff round once again.

Good Shabbos,

Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman

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