What parents say about Providence Hebrew Day School

"Hi Rabbi Scheinerman and Mrs. Weiner,
We've been meaning to write you for a while. You should know that we only sing the highest of praised for PHDS. We have now had kids at a number of schools: Chabad in Sharon, PHDS, Hillel Academy in Pittsburgh, Torah Day School of Atlanta, and now Yeshiva Ohr Yisrael of Atlanta. Of all the elementary school that our children have attended, we feel that PHDS provided the strongest education background while still instilling a love of Yiddishkeit in our children. The skills based learning was amazing. Our daughter came out of 1st grade in PHDS with stronger skills than she had two years later in another school! Most importantly though, because of the way PHDS is run, in a very regulated and structured way, with all of the staff and administration holding all of the students accountable for their behaviors and actions, our oldest son, Binyamin, who has since been diagnosed as being mildly on the Autism spectrum, was able to succeed and thrive. We feel very strongly that if he had attended a different school it is likely that he would not have been able to have a successful day school career. He needed a very structured environment that was still loving, where things ran on time, where teachers followed through on the rules and regulations, where the administration was supportive but firm. PHDS provided all of these things and allowed him to blossom and grow and set the ground work for a student who has succeeded well beyond what we would have predicted based on his previous years in pre-school and kindergarten in a different environment. We are so grateful that he (and one of his younger siblings) had the opportunity to attend PHDS and get started learning is such a wonderful environment."

"The whole school is friendly and all know each other. We are like one large, happy family."

"The teachers are amazing in how they are willing to give up their time and breaks to talk to us about anything."

“It was very important to us to give our children what we grew up without – good Jewish education. PHDS infuses our children not only with Torah knowledge, but with LOVE of learning.”

“Secular subjects are not an afterthought, but are taught at a very high level in fun and engaging ways.”

“Our children are doing great and enjoying the opportunity to express themselves, to be themselves.”