All Jewish children deserve an excellent education.

With small classes, with child-centered education, with highly qualified teachers, and with the latest computer technology throughout our curriculum, Providence Hebrew Day School gives your child an excellent education.

At PHDS, education goes beyond achieving 95% Proficiency or Proficiency with Distinction in reading and 97% in math, on the statewide NECAP tests. Beyond, even, excellent preparation for high school, college and career. The timeless Jewish values woven into both our religious and secular studies also give your child excellent preparation for life.

From their very first days here, children learn not just the difference between “cat” and “car,” but also the difference between right and wrong.

They learn the importance of timeless Jewish values – kindness, morality, civility and respect: Respect for their peers and fellow citizens. Respect for their parents and their family's values. Respect for other people's beliefs and opinions, whether those others be Jews of different affiliations or levels of observance or members of other religions.

This knowledge transcends the value of an education that's strong on academics alone. For while academic learning helps a person become successful in earning a livelihood, it's moral and ethical learning which makes that person successful at living a life.

PHDS serves a community of varying affiliations, varying levels of observance and an eclectic belief and value system. About - - % of our students come from non-Orthodox homes – and we'd love to welcome more.

To this end, we'll give you a 50% tuition discount for your child's first year here.

So why not visit our school, meet our principal and teachers, and observe some classes – or, better yet, arrange for your child to spend a day with us?

We're just a phone call or email away.

And it doesn't matter one bit whether you're unaffiliated, Reform, Conservative, or Orthodox. All you have to believe in is the value of a great