Admission Policy

We welcome the interest of parents in Providence Hebrew Day School and strive to make the admissions process as easy as possible. With that in mind, the following outlines the proper procedures necessary for admission to the school.

  • Parents make an appointment to visit Providence Hebrew Day School and are interviewed by a member (or members) of the administration. Potential students are also offered the opportunity to spend a day at the school.
  • Parents are then asked to complete an application, which includes all relevant records from previous schools. A registration fee must accompany the application. Upon acceptance to the school, this check is cashed.
  • Students entering Grades K through 8 are academically screened to ensure that the school has the resources to meet their needs. Based on the previous school records and the screening, the school may require additional testing prior to acceptance.
  • Upon acceptance, parents are required to sign the school’s contract agreeing to abide by the school’s principles and ideals.
  • Once all parental financial obligations have been satisfied, students are officially admitted to the school.