Elementary k-8

Providence Hebrew Day School is dedicated to providing an integrated Judaic and General Studies program that prepares our students to be successful, contributing members of society who are dedicated to a Jewish way of life.

Most importantly, we believe that education is a process that begins with the development of a healthy self-esteem. Our educational program is designed to help each child maximize his or her potential, to encourage each child’s success, and to facilitate enjoyment in the learning process. It also encourages the development of critical thinking skills and the engagement of cooperative learning opportunities.

We inculcate our students with the desire for academic excellence, and we provide them with the tools to achieve this goal. We teach our children to appreciate caring, sharing, compassion, and other values that will enable them to mature into productive young adults. We firmly believe in experiential learning and, as such, provide opportunities for creative projects within the classroom, school-wide special programs, and excursions that allow life experiences to be integrated into the curriculum.

The parents of our students have entrusted us to provide their children with a superior education steeped in the beauty of Judaism. We value the opportunity we have been given to encourage intellectual curiosity, to foster good Midos (character traits), and to develop in each of our students, a love of learning and Judaism that will remain with them far beyond their days at Providence Hebrew Day School.

Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman

Miriam Esther Weiner