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Sheehan Retirement

Dear Parents, Over the past year and a half, Mrs. Maureen Sheehan has dedicated her full talent and energy toward the New England Academy of Torah. These years have been amazing for the school, as we have had an administrator who works over and beyond the call of duty, and these efforts have had a profound impact on our students. What has made these years even more amazing is that they follow Mrs. Sheehan’s close to thirty years of service to the Providence Hebrew Day School/New England Academy of Torah in many different capacities.

The school was hoping that Mrs. Sheehan would remain for a few more years in her current position; Mrs. Sheehan, however, has other plans. She has notified us that she will be retiring to Florida, where she already has a home, after this academic year. We are proud to announce that Mrs. Sheehan has agreed to be the Amudim honoree this year, where we will celebrate her great accomplishments and dedication to the school as well as say a difficult goodbye to her. The Amudim Dinner will serve as a wonderful opportunity for us to reach out to alumni, past parents, and friends who developed relationships with Mrs. Sheehan over the years to help us in paying a proper tribute to her. If you would like to join the special committee being formed to plan this tribute, please contact me.

An additional strength that Mrs. Sheehan possesses is her wonderful skill as a teacher. Students often comment on their memories of Mrs. Sheehan teaching the parts of speech or of their dramatic performances of “The Diary of Anne Frank” under her direction. Just this week, Mrs. Sheehan presented me with a packet of her high school students’ essays that show the high level that she achieves with her students. Mrs. Sheehan represents the three F’s of a good teacher: friendly, firm, and fair.

We realize that Mrs. Sheehan’s departure from NEAT offers us the positive challenge of looking for an appropriate replacement to lead us and build on the excellence that we aspire to offer to our students. In planning for next year, the personnel committee has convened and is working with me and the administration on setting up a framework to study our needs and to move forward immediately in searching for an appropriate replacement. I encourage any parents or students to feel free to share their opinions with me about this important change in our school leadership. We are pleased that Mrs. Sheehan has graciously agreed to be involved in this transition now and as the next academic year begins.

The school will always remember Mrs. Sheehan and the impact that she has had on the school and our students. We look forward to having our entire community participate in honoring Mrs. Sheehan at the dinner.

Good Shabbos,
Rabbi Peretz Scheinerman

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