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Deans Letter April 4

Dear Parents,
In Parshios Tazria and Metzora, we learn about those afflicted with tzara’as, a disease that is associated with lashon hara. Many of the commentaries state that generally one who speaks lashon hara about others does so because of low self-esteem; the speaker feels the need to denigrate others to achieve his/her personal goal...

Deans Letter March 28

Dear Parents,
This past week, I enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Eretz Yisrael. After a very successful fundraising venture in Lakewood, NJ over Purim and a quick seudah, my wife and I boarded our flight to Eretz Yisrael, arriving just in time for a second Purim seudah in Yerushalayim.
During the remainder of the school week, I had the...

Deans Letter March 14

This week, we read Parshas Zachor, which is the biblically-ordained mitzvah of “mechias Amalek,” erasing the face of Amalek, an archenemy of the Jewish people for thousands of years. I have often wondered what is so unique about the war with Amalek; after all, the Jews have had many enemies over the years. Our victory over Amalek took place...

Deans Letter March 7

Dear Parents,
This past week, we culminated the reading of Sefer Shemos, and more importantly, the two-week summative narrative of the construction of the Mishkan with the painstaking listing of every single donation. In his essay on Parshas Pekudei, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks states:
We now understand what the Sanctuary represented. It...


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