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Deans Letter June 13

Dear Parents,
I am quite humbled to serve as Dean of the school, especially after witnessing the amazing creativity that was displayed at the Judaic Academic Fair on Tuesday night. The original exhibits included arts-and-crafts projects of the younger students, genealogy scrapbooks of the middle school girls and computerized animations...

Deans letter May 30

I was reviewing our school’s end-of-year schedule of events and was amazed by the number of special activities that are being prepared by teachers and staff. Although some of these may have been described in this week’s or last week’s newsletter, I feel that it is necessary to take our parents and friends backstage to see the totality of...

Deans Letter May 16

Dear Parents,
This past Sunday, I attended the funeral of Mrs. Fania Gross, who was a teacher for many years at PHDS and impacted the Hebrew language program at the school. My wife and I had a special relationship with Mrs. Gross, and she was extremely fond of the school and always appreciated reading of our accomplishments. At her...

Deans Letter May 9

Dear Parents,
You should have received the Amudim campaign mailing which presents our three very special honorees and highlights the profound impact they have had on the school. At the Amudim Dinner, we will show our tremendous hakaras hatov to each of our honorees. In particular, this year we will pay special tribute to Mr. Thomas and...


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