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Deans Letter September 19

Dear Parents,
This past week, I wrote about the mitzvah of hakaras hatov and the importance of expressing recognition in all of our dealings. It is therefore most appropriate that I offer a special thank you to PTF co-presidents Mrs. Chani Benjaminson and Mrs. Felicia Haas and the entire PTF board for making this year’s bash a wonderful...

Deans Letter September 12

Dear Parents,
This week’s parsha contains important lessons in interpersonal relations and raising healthy children. At face value, the parsha is difficult to understand. The Nesivos Shalom and many other commentaries ask similar questions about the elaborate exposition describing the mitzvah of bringing bikurim, first fruit, to the Bais...

Deans Letter September 5

Dear Parents,
School has gotten off to a remarkable start. This past week at the faculty meeting, I shared with the teachers the outlook that a teacher should have in beginning the new school year. I remarked that I entered the school on Sunday night, and even in the dark building, the floors shone brightly after being waxed that day. In...

Deans Letter June 13

Dear Parents,
I am quite humbled to serve as Dean of the school, especially after witnessing the amazing creativity that was displayed at the Judaic Academic Fair on Tuesday night. The original exhibits included arts-and-crafts projects of the younger students, genealogy scrapbooks of the middle school girls and computerized animations...


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