Tuition Fees and Schedule


Approved by Executive Committee in March 2012

GRADE REGISTRATION (Books and Materials) 2012-2013 TUITION
Pre-K 3/4 (Half Day – 5 days) $300 $5,500
Pre-K 3/4 (Half Day – 3 days) $180 $3,425
Pre-K 3/4 Full Day $600 $8,950
Kindergarten $600 $12,550
Grades 1-4 $600 $13,450
Grades 5-8 $600 $14,275
Grades 9-12 NEAT $600 $15,825

Any child who is registered for the 2012-2013 school year by the pre-registration deadline, and whose pre-registration deposit has been paid by said deadline, receives a discount of $100 from the tuition listed above.


In order to provide the necessary funding for the school, each PHDS/NEAT family is required to raise $1800 each year. Families who have only Pre-K children enrolled must raise $900.

This requirement can be met in three ways:

  1. The sale and/or purchase of Scholarship Raffle tickets
  2. The sale and/or purchase of yearbook advertisements
  3. Donations made to or solicited for the Scholarship Fund

If more than $1800 is raised, the additional amount may be credited towards next year’s obligation, or 25% of the additional amount may be credited towards a family’s tuition payment. A family may not carry over more than $5,000 from one fiscal year to the next fiscal year. In addition, a family may not take a credit towards tuition of more than $250 per child in any fiscal year.

In order to properly credit your account, any check written to the school must include the appropriate notation in the “MEMO” space on the check. If you have any questions concerning these matters, please call the Financial Office at 401-331-5327 x 11.